People often ask me about my color vision, where it came from and how and why. I LOVE COLOR. I think I’ve grown accustomed to searching for it. Even little bits that are obscure, and bringing them to the front line.

Color has the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions and memories. Working in pastels is great for this, because unlike oil painters who GASP at the idea of using PURE color out of the tube, we can just pick up any color and use it! Rich, saturated, unadulterated colors.

When I first started painting (I call pastel work painting too since I use the sides of the sticks similarly to a painter using fat and thin brushes) I thought of contrast strictly in terms of values. Then I got The Elements of Color by Johannes Itten, and it changed my visual world.

He talks of contrast in terms of color. This is a great website to explain it:

Once you’ve moved past the box of gray and value, you can find so many interesting ways to move the eye around a painting, create interest, and evoke excitement in your viewer. Let me know what you think about this!


will_t_LightonFairmountSnow .jpg